CyScope in the Classroom Encouraging Students to Become Bug Hunters

CyScope in the Classroom: Encouraging Students to Become Bug Hunters

Bug Hunters aren’t born; they are made! And there’s no better place to nurture Bug Hunters than within university classrooms, showing them the benefits that these platforms bring and how they can refine their skills. The CyScope team exemplified this approach at the annual Digital Leaders event held on May 29th at the Duoc UC Institute in Viña del Mar. The main goal of the event was to inspire students to think deeply about current topics. Including digital transformation and its effects, and to pique their interest in these subjects.


This year, our goal in attending was to introduce students to the concept of a Bug Bounty platform and its advantages. At the event, Pablo Videla, a Dreamlab Technologies cybersecurity consultant and active Bug Hunter on the platform, presented CyScope to students, sharing his own bug hunting journey. The aim was to give students a firsthand experience of a Bug Hunter, boosting their confidence and enthusiasm while helping them grasp the significance of entering a field that can contribute to their professional growth. They can not only earn financial rewards based on their findings but also potentially secure job opportunities with organizations involved in CyScope programs.


These opportunities are vital because they enable students to venture into a new world they can be a part of. We spoke with Laura Gaudino, Product Manager at CyScope, who highlighted the significance of knowledge-sharing initiatives in dispelling misconceptions and negative stereotypes commonly associated with this field: «People often misuse the term ‘Hacker,’ confusing it with a cybercriminal. These are distinct concepts that require clarification.»

At the event, Pablo dedicated a portion of his presentation to debunking the notion that hackers inherently harbor malicious intentions in the minds of the attendees. He clarified that a hacker is an individual well-versed in the realm of computers and networks, continually striving to enhance their expertise. They leverage this knowledge to aid organizations and companies in bolstering their security systems against cyberattacks. It’s crucial for younger generations to grasp these concepts and recognize that this realm can be highly advantageous when approached with ethics in mind.


CyScope looks forward to participating in similar opportunities in the future. On one hand, it serves as an incentive for individuals to become part of the platform’s hacker community. On the other hand, it also aims to raise awareness about this field, showcasing that it’s feasible to acquire knowledge beyond classroom teachings in a transparent manner and to engage with fellow hackers who are committed to this domain.


We invite anyone interested in joining our Bug Bounty platform to apply their knowledge, enhance their skills, and be part of our community. This is an opportunity to gain familiarity with the cybersecurity world and learn how to report findings in exchange for financial rewards. Come join the Squad!

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