Partnership announcement with Hackrocks

Partnership announcement

Empowering the Hacker Community: CyScope and Hackrocks Join Forces to Enhance Cybersecurity Skills Worldwide.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, CyScope and Hackrocks, have united to bring a new era of empowerment to the global hacker community. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the cybersecurity landscape, as these industry players combine their expertise to provide cutting-edge resources and opportunities for hackers worldwide.

CyScope, renowned for its advanced cybersecurity security testing programs (Bug Bounty and Pentest as a Service). Hackrocks, a trailblazer in creating immersive and challenging hacking simulations and trainings, have joined forces to revolutionize how hackers sharpen their skills. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering a holistic approach to cybersecurity education.


Key Objectives of the Partnership:

  1. Comprehensive Trainings: From ethical hacking to penetration testing, hackers will have access to hands-on experiences that mirror real-world scenarios.
  2. State-of-the-Art Simulations: Hackrocks’ cutting-edge hacking simulations will be seamlessly introduced to CyScope’s global community. These simulations provide a safe and controlled environment for hackers to practice and refine their skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to face the challenges of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.
  3. Global Accessibility: The partnership aims to make high-quality cybersecurity education accessible globally. Through online platform and challenging programs, CyScope and Hackrocks will strive to reach aspiring hackers worldwide, regardless of their geographical location.



Benefits for the Hacker Community:

Enhanced Skill Development

By combining CyScope’s and Hackrocks’ educational expertise, hackers will have the opportunity to enhance their technical skills in a practical and dynamic manner.


Real-World Application

The partnership focuses on translating theoretical knowledge into practical application. The hands-on experience gained through simulations will empower hackers to face CyScope’s real-world cybersecurity challenges and programs with confidence.


Community Building

CyScope and Hackrocks recognize the importance of a strong and supportive hacker community. The partnership will facilitate networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among cybersecurity enthusiasts worldwide.



As the partnership progresses, both companies are committed to continuous innovation, introducing new modules and resources to keep hackers at the forefront of the cybersecurity field.


Laura Gaudino, Head of Business Operations at CyScope, believes that “this partnership between CyScope and Hackrocks signifies a proactive step towards fortifying the skills of the global hacker community”. Together, these industry players are dedicated to empowering cybersecurity lovers with the knowledge and practical experience needed to understand real adversaries’ techniques, reproduce them, and help create a safer society. 


Enrique Serrano, CEO of Hackrocks, explained that “Hands-on experience in cybersecurity is crucial for true learning. At Hackrocks, we are committed to expanding the hacker community and sharing knowledge, while CyScope contributes by providing talents the necessary resources to grow their career.”


All the hackers interested in benefiting from this collaboration can access their CyScope’s account – – and visit the Academy. Section to learn more about the exclusive offer and discount they can obtain to increase their technical skills. 


As we move forward, the impact of this collaboration is poised to resonate across the cybersecurity landscape, creating a more robust and resilient community of ethical hackers.


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